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Name:Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes

Sherlock Holmes is, in his own words, a "consulting detective". Based out of London, he resides at 221B Baker Street, where he runs his private agency with the (occasionally reluctant) help of his good friend and chronicler of their adventures, Dr. John Watson.

Despite his possession of a keen, clear and logical mind, he is also regarded as being somewhat of an eccentric, and does not seem to have a grasp on contemporary standards of tidiness or neatness. However, what appears to others as chaos is to Holmes a wealth of valuable information, and he is frequently able to summon up a particular item from its hiding place with little difficulty at all. He has also been noted (by Watson) as a man who takes relatively decent care of himself; his personal hygiene is almost "cat-like", though he is often seen with discolored stains on his hands from his frequent dabblings into chemical experiments.

Holmes's ego occasionally borders on arrogant; he takes pleasure in adopting cases that would otherwise baffle police inspectors and solving them with his superior mental deduction. However, he is not a fame-seeker, and is typically content to allow the police to take credit in the newspapers for his work. It is often only through Watson's publication of their written adventures that his role in the cases becomes more apparent. He is sometimes viewed as dispassionate and cold, or even vacant when his mind is not preoccupied with a new case - which abruptly changes to remarkable passion as soon as he becomes immersed in one.

He has a penchant for disguise, and is an expert in using many of the following weapons: a pistol, a cane, a sword, a riding crop, and often simply his own two fists.

He stands approximately just under 5'9" (though appears taller with the inclusion of a bowler hat into his attire) with longer, relatively unruly dark hair and a face that frequently attracts its fair share of stubble.

Sherlock Holmes is from the 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes, and in no way belongs to me. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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